Parisian Photo Co

75 Princes Street, Edinburgh

 and Bank Street, Galashiels

 Studios in Edinburgh and Galashiels

The back of a Parisian Photo Co cabinet print, showing the company's studio addresses in Edinburgh and Galashiels

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Steve Aitken, Glasgow


Parisian Photo Co

Thank you to Steve Aitken, Glasgow for providing the photograph above.

Most of the Parisian Photo Co cabinet prints that I have seen show only the address of the company's Edinburgh studio.  This studio operated from 1887 until 1914.

However the back of the cabinet print above also shows the address of the company's studio in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.  This operated for a shorter period, 1895 until 1905.

Thank you, also to David Millan for sending me a photograph from Parisian Photo Company, with the Edinburgh and Galashiels studio addresses on the front.

David wrote:

"Here is a scan of a picture taken at the Parisian Photo Company. It would have been taken after April 1897 as the baby in the picture was born then. The woman is my great grand mother, Annie Simpkins, b. 1856.  The baby is a great grand aunt."


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