Postcards in Raphael Tuck's 'Oilette' series


Life and Character


The Workshop

Raphael Tuck  -  "Oilette  -  Scottish Life and Character Series"

Raphael Tuck Postcard  -   'Oilette', Scottish Life and Character series  -  The Workshop

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Carol Stubbs

The Workshop

"This is the joiner's shop, a fascinating place with shadowy corners, the bewitching fitments of a carpenter's bench, a crisp carpet of shavings for small feet to scuffle and struggle through, and in invigorating smell of pine chips in the air.

Here are made homely chairs and tables, clogs and pattens, yokes for milk pales, chests for bride-linen, cradles and innumerable other articles."




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