Valentine's Postcard


Esplanade and Sands

Looking to Joppa



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Portobello Esplanade and Sands

The View

This view from Portobello Pier looks to the south-east, across  a busy Portobello Beach towards the Esplanade and Joppa.  zooming-in on this image, it becomes possible to read some of the lettering on the buildings on the Portobello Esplanade.

This photograph was taken in 1913, though the postcard was not posted until 1925.  The photo appears to have been taken from Portobello Pier.  The pier was built in 1871 and demolished in 1917.

Zoom-in to the Esplanade

   Portobello Esplanade and Sands  -  Zoom-in to detail on a Valentine Postcard ,1913



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