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Forth Rail Bridge

View from Queensferry

The Forth Rail Bridge

Postcard published by W R & S  -  The Forth Rail Bridge  -  View from Queensferry

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   W R & S Postcard  -  The Forth Bridge from North Queensgerry


The Forth Rail Bridge

Almost all the early postcard views of the Forth Rail Bridge that I have seen are taken from near Hawes Pier, Queensferry, on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth.

However, this view is taken from a point further to the west in Queensferry.

Thank you to Michael Craig, Edinburgh,  who writes:

"I think the picture must have been taken from somewhere along Stony Croft Road.  I'm not quite sure where, but next time I'm walking along there I'll try and work it out!"

Michael Craig, Edinburgh:  October 3, 2006.



Forth Rail Bridge

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