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HMS Gibraltar

Postcard from Morriso's Studio  -  Sailor  -  HMS Gibraltar  -  John, Deck Hand

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Forbes Wilson, Guildford Surrey, England



HMS Gibraltar

Thank you to Forbes Wilson for allowing me to reproduce this postcard from Morrison's Studio.

Forbes writes:


"Here is  a photograph of my grandfather, John Wilson, taken at Morrison's studio.

There is no date on the photo, but it was probably taken during the period February 1917 - February 1919 whilst John was serving as a deck hand in WWI.

From his service record, my grandfather did not serve on HMS Gibraltar.  His service in the RNR can be found on the royal-naval-reserve web site.

He served on:

HMS Boadicea 2 (Auxiliary Patrol Parent Ship, Dublin 15/2/17 - 6/12/17).

-  HMT Emley (Hired Trawler, 7/12/17 - 26/4/18).

-  HMT Trumpeter (Hired Trawler, 27/4/18 - 3/6/18).

-  HMT Grosbreak (Hired Trawler, 4/6/18 - 31/12/18).

-  HMS Gunner (Auxiliary Patrol Base, Granton, 1/1/19 - 9/2/19).

Forbes Wilson, Guildford Surrey, England:  December 8, 2007

The Postcard

Thanks, Forbes, for the details above.  It's helpful to know that the name on the sailor's cap on Morrison's postcard portraits  does not necessarily match the ship the man sailed on.

This example from Morrisons shows that the photograph was printed (not very accurately in this case) in the middle of a pre-printed postcard.  I don't know how many other photographers might have used this same stock of pre-printed cards.


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