Outdoor Swimming  Pool


View to the SW from Portobello Open Air Pool, now closed - 1985

  Miles Cumming, Edinburgh                                                                                                   Photograph taken September 26, 1985

Portobello  Open Air Pool

The Pool

Thank you to Miles Cumming for sending me the photograph above.

This view looks to the east along the Firth of Forth towards the coast of East Lothian.

Portobello funfair and the kilns from the old pottery works are in the foreground.

This is one of several photos taken by Miles after the closed.

All the photos were taken on September 26, 1985.

Portobello Open Air Pool - empty - 1985

Here is a view, taken the same day, looking to the SW from the pool, looking towards Portobello High Street and Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park

View to the east from Portobello Open Air Pool, now closed - 1985




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