AR Edwards & Son

Swanston Village

At the foot of the Pentland Hills, to the south of Edinburgh

The Old Shepherd's Cottage and Hens   -    Early-1900s

Swanston  - Cottage and Hens  -  Photograph by AR Edwards or his son

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Cathy Chick, Devon, England, great granddaughter of AR Edwards, Selkirk, Scotland



Thank you to Cathy Chick, great granddaughter of the Selkirk photographer, AR Edwards, and granddaughter of his  son, Robert, for allowing me to reproduce this photo. 

Cathy wrote:

The Old Shepherd's Cottage and Hens

"I recently printed this rural view of Swanston from an old glass plate negative that belonged to my grandpa or great grandpa."

Cathy Chick, Devon, England:  July 14, 2010


Swanston (again)

Here is another view of Swanston from the same source, also printed by Cathy Chick:

Shepherd's Cottage and Horses

   Swanston  -  Shepherd's Cottage and Horses  -  Photograph by AR Edwards or his son





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