Domestic Service

Who?  When?  Where?

Photograph by A Swan Watson, possibly showing domestic service in connection with Jo Noon's great-grandmother or great-grandfather

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jo Noon.                                                                      Photographer:  Andrew Swan Watson


Domestic Service

Who?  When?  Where?

Thank you to Jo Noon for allowing me to reproduce this photo by A Swan Watson.This photo was found in Jo's family album.

Can anybody comment on this photo.  It may be an illustration of domestic help in connection with Jo's great-grandmother or great-grandfather.

* Andrew Swan Watson had a studio at Bruntsfield, Edinburgh from 1891 until 1958.

Acknowledgement:  Jo Noon, London, England; formerly Kenya:  June 18, 2012

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Please email me if you have anything to say about this photo, then I'll either pass on your message to Jo or give you Jo's email address.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 21, 2012


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