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Fire Station

Bedford Fire Tender

Fire Engines at Hillside Crescent  -  1968

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Moore, Cramlington, Northumberland, England                                Photo taken 1968-69

Bedford Fire Tender

at McDonald Road Fire Station

Thank you to Ian Moore, Cramlington, Northumberland, England for allowing me to reproduce this photo that he took of the new Bedford Fire Tender, standing beside 'The Ship' - a mock-up of part of a ship, used for training firemen at McDonald Road Fire Station.

Ian, who attended Leith Walk Primary School, wrote:

School Outings

"I loved the school outings (including):

-  McDonald Road Fire Station

We went there to see the new yellow Bedford  fire engine, Reg. No. JFS741E, and trailer.

We also  had a look around the mock-up ship where they used to train firemen in dealing with the ship and rig fires."


"I used to have weekly trips to the Doctor, Mr Miller of 5 McDonald Road. to collect  prescriptions for my Mum.

He used to let me take his two Chow-Chow dogs down the road for a walk. I used to walk down to the fire station which was further down on the opposite side of the road, then back up the road to the surgery.

The firemen used to say that the dogs were more like bears than dogs.  I remember, they had me stand in front of the yellow tender in the station, and took a picture which I think was sent to Doctor Miller."

Ian Campbell, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, England:  July 18+19, Aug 3+5, 2012

More Recollections

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Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  Aug 11, 2012


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