Hermitage Park

Primary School

Around 1913

Photograph by D&W Prophet - A class at Hermitage Park School, around 1913

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Morag Sinclair whose mother is in this photo.  Photographers:  D & W Prophet, Dundee + Edin.


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     Photograph by D&W Prophet - A class at Hermitage Park School, around 1913


Hermitage Park Primary School

Thank you to Morag Sinclair for finding this photo and for allowing it to be displayed here.  Thank you also to Brendan Pollitt for sending me a copy of the photo.

Brendan is one of the teachers at Hermitage Park School.  He is arranging an exhibition to celebrate the school's centenary in 2010.

Brendan wrote:

Around 1913

"This early photo has a great view of the school, as well as the class.  It was taken by D & W Prophet, Dundee & Edinburgh, probably around 1913.

This photo was brought in by Morag Sinclair.  Her mother is in the photo, the 7th girl from the left in 3rd row from the back, anxious smile and dark clothes."

Brendan Pollitt, Edinburgh, January 20, 2010


Here is another early photograph of the school.  This one was produced as a postcard.  Brendan believes that it was probably taken on the first day of the school, in May 1910:


Centenary Exhibition

If you have any photos or other exhibits that you would like to be considered for the school's Centenary Exhibition in 2010, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to Brendan Pollitt at the school, who is organising the exhibition.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  January 20, 2010


Thank you to Bill Watt who attended the school from 1934 to 1941 for offering a photograph of a class at the school, taken probably around 1939/40.  I have passed on this offer to Brendan


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