Leith Docks

Work in the Dry Docks



 Gardyloo  at Leith Dry Docks

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                              Photograph taken 25 May 1992


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     Gardyloo in Leith Dry Docks  -  3 


Leith Docks


Work is being carried out here on the Gardyloo.

The ship is in a large dry dock towards the northern side of Leith Harbour.

Gardyloo operated from Imperial Dock, Leith, and took treated sewage from Leith and dumped it either beyond the May Island or ten miles off St Abb's Head.

The ship operated daily from September 1977 until December 1998, but EU legislation came into force the following year banning the dumping of sewage at sea so the ship was sold.

Groups of twelve passengers were taken on the daily run from Leith.

['Steamers of the Forth', Vol.2,  Ian Brodie]

I went on one of the trips some time around 1990  -  half a day at sea; no charge!


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