Lonsdale & Dutch

Tinsmiths  -  Lantern Makers

Howe Street, Edinburgh New Town


Lonsdale & Dutch  -  Tinsmiths, Edinburgh  -  1994

  Copyright:  peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                                                                                 Photograph taken September 8, 1994


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    Lonsdale & Dutch  -  Tinsmiths, Edinburgh  -  1992


Lonsdale & Dutch

Here is a photograph of the Lonsdale & Dutch basement workshop at Howe Street in Edinburgh's New Town.

The old photograph on the wall is of Messrs Lonsdale and Dutch, resting on a hot summer day, before Mr Dutch retired from the business.

The large photograph above was taken on June 2, 1994 using colour slide film, then converted to sepia on the computer using Photoshop.


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