North  British Distillery

Cooperage at Muirhall, near West Calder


North British Distillery, Cooperage at West Calder  -  1995

  Peter Stubbs                                                                                                      Photo taken April 25, 1995


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   North British Distillery, Cooperage at West Calder  -  1995


North  British Distillery  -  Cooperage


This is one of the photos I took as part of a project to document people at work in and around Edinburgh.

This photo was taken at North British Distillery's cooperage at West Calder in April 1995. 

The photo shows a couple of the cooper's tools and a piece of chalk lying on top of a barrel.

Lettering on the Barrels

Here are the ink and tools that were used to add lettering to barrel tops:

North British Distillery, Cooperage, West Calder  -  1995

I believe that soon after this photo was taken this process of numbering the barrels was discontinued and that the barrels are now 'bar-coded' instead.


Here is another barrel, also with a blue top but this one has a yellow surround.  I don't know what system was used to decide on the colours of the barrel tops and surrounds.

North British Distillery, Cooperage at West Calder  -  1995


Some of the casks are owned by customers.  The different colours enable them to easily identify their own casks.

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Here are more photos taken at NB Distillery at Gorgie and at NB Distillery's cooperage at West Calder, West Lothian in the 1990s.



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