Whytock & Reid

Decorators and Furnishers, Cabinetmakers and Upholsters

Sunbury House, Belford Mews


Whytock & Reid, Sunbury House, Belford Mews, Edinburgh - 1991

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs                                                                                                               Photograph taken 20 November 1991

Whytock & Reid

There were two large open wooden sheds in the grounds, containing large quantities and many varieties of wood.  So the company was able to find a good match for the wood on furniture that they restored.

Whytock & Reid, Sunbury House, Belford Mews, Edinburgh - 1995

In the mid-1990s much of Whytock & Reid's land was sold.   The sheds were dismantled.  It was planned that one  would be reassembled at Summerlee Industrial Heritage Museum in Coatbridge, Central Scotland.


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