Around Edinburgh

'Rest and Be Thankful'

Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh


Postcard by I & J A  -  Rest and Be Thankful at Murrayfield

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Phil Wilson, whose grandmother posted this card in 1912.


'Rest and Be Thankful'

The View

The view above is of 'Rest and Be Thankful', at Corstorphine Hill.  The caption on the postcard describes the district as Murrayfield (which lies immediately to the east of Corstorphine and closer to the centre of Edinburgh).

The Postcard

This postcard is by I & J A, E.  (The 'E' presumably stands for 'Edinburgh' but I know nothing of any company named I & J A and have seen only one other postcards by them.

This card was posted in Edinburgh on 29 August 1904, with the message:

"This is one of the nicest places round about Edinburgh and it is very like it.  I stay about one mild from it right at the foot of Corstorphine Hill."