The Forth Bridge

Crossing the Firth of Forth
about 10 miles to the west of the centre of Edinburgh

Around 1890

The Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge  -  Post Card

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire, England


The Forth Bridge

The View

This view looks across the Firth of Forth, to the NE, towards Fife, from South Queensferry.  Hound pier, with a ferry moored against the pier is in the foreground.

The bridge opened in 1990.  It looks to me as if this photo might have been taken at around the time that the bridge was completed.  There still seem to be some structures in the water beside the piers at the southern end of the bridge.


I don't know the publisher of this post card.  I have only seen the front of the card.  The style of numbering and titling the card and/or looking at the back of this card might reveal who the publisher was.




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