Princes Street

Orange Order Procession


7 July 1951

Looking west along Princes Street from the East End  -  1959

  Reproduced by courtesy of Evening News.   Click here for web site                                         Photograph taken July 7, 1951


Orange Order Procession

This procession of Orangemen along Princes Street, on July 7, 1951 was the first major procession of the Orange Order in Edinburgh since 1902.

The Orange Order is a Protestant fraternal organisation, founded in Ireland in 1795 and based mainly in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The Edinburgh Evening News reported:

"For the first time in 50 years, Orangemen from all corners of Great Britain and Northern Ireland mustered in their thousands to take part in the Orange Walk to commemorate the 261st anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.  About 60,000 took part in the parade through the streets.

The first 20 special trains from the West of Scotland reached Princes Street and Haymarket stations shortly after 9am."

Edinburgh Evening News:  July 7, 1951

The photograph above appeared in the Evening News two days later, with the caption:

"A view of the huge procession of over 70,000 men and women of the Orange Order marching along Princes Street on Saturday."

Might this have been the same procession as the crowd in this photograph was waiting to see?   The weather seems to have been similar.

Trams and crowds in Princes Street.  When was this photograph taken and what was the occasion?

The Parade began at noon.  Edinburgh Evening News reported

"In order to keep the streets clear for the parade, vehicular traffic was stopped from 11.30 to 1.30 (approx).  There were no tram services in Princes Street or George Street during this period."

Edinburgh Evening News:  July 7, 1951

"Fairly steady drizzle and rain fell during the procession."

Edinburgh Evening News:  July 9, 1951


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