Growing-up with





Alastair Berry

Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Thank you to Alastair Berry, who wrote:


"Jimmy Dunbar  had a fast   open  motor boat, possibly named 'Grey  Mist'  He went to Elie in it, in the summer.  He was a  member  of  the Royal Forth Yacht Club  which had its Clubhouse at the  top of  the  Wardie  Steps  back then."


"Jimmy Dunbar also had a  Silver Sunbeam Talbot.  I was also a friend  of Alan Fairlie who had a dance hall at the Low Calton.  I think he had a sporty Cord car from America, with big  chrome exhausts  exiting from the  sides  of  the bonnet.

Motor Bikes

"We  all got motor bikes at about the time as we  turned 16, but University, National service and  work  sent us  off  on  different  tangents,  never  to meet  again.


"I went to school at Heriots.  My friend, Donald Knight, went to Stewarts.  He  and later became a test pilot for  English Electric  Lightening  Fighter  aircraft.  I ended up flying a  jet fighter CF 100 in Canada."

Alastair Berry, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  January 26, 2012


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