Holyrood from Calton Hill

Thomas Vernon Begbie  -  late 1850s

Looking down on Holyrood Abbey and Palace -  from Calton Hill

Holyrood Palace and Castle from Calton Hill - Photograph by Begbie

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Holyrood from Calton Hill

Old Stones

Here is a view of Holyrood Palace and Abbey, with  Arthur's Seat is in the background.  This photo was taken from the slopes of Calton Hill.

The stones in the foreground  are from Trinity College Church.  The church was dismantled to enable a railway station, now Edinburgh Waverley Station, to be built.  

The stones were all numbered, so that the church could be rebuilt, but they were left on Calton Hill for how long? - perhaps 20 years?    See 'Reply 1' below

Some of the stones were taken away and used to create other buildings, but eventually the remaining stones were used to partially rebuild Trinity College Church on a site off Jeffrey Street in Edinburgh Old Town.

This has photograph has been reproduced 'as found' with the horizon not level.

This seems surprising in view of the care that the early photographers normally took. 



Kim Traynor

Tollcross, Edinburgh

Kim Traynor wrote:

Old Stones

"The stones lay on Calton Hill for 24 years, from 1848 when the old Trinity Church was dismantled until 1872 when it was partially rebuilt."

Kim Traynor, Tollcross, Edinburgh:  May 3, 2011



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