The Scott Monument

with Art Galleries and Edinburgh Castle behind

Thomas Vernon Begbie  -  late 1850s

The Scott Monument - with the Art Galleries and Edinburgh Castle behind

The Scott Monument - Photograph by Begbie

  The Cavaye Collection of Thomas Begbie Prints: City Art Centre, City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries 

The Scott Monument appears as on this map



The Scott Monument
in Princes Street

Here is an attractive photograph of the Scott Monument, with the National Galleries and Edinburgh Castle behind.  This photo was probably taken in the late 1850s, as the National Gallery of Scotland - the one on the left - was being completed and was about to be formally opened.

The photograph, taken from the corner of South Saint Andrew Street and Princes Street.  An ornate lamp-post, an old coach and a horse-drawn cart can be seen clearly on a cobbled Princes Street.

But there are also 'ghosts' on the pavement, suggesting that the scene may have been far busier than at first appears, and that much of the detail has been lost in the long time exposure.


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