Central Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle  -  National Galleries  -  St Giles Church


This map, published by WH Lizars, appeared in the Letter Carrier's Directory for 1840-41

Central Edinburgh  -  The National Galleries and Edinburgh Castle  -  1840 map

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Central Edinburgh  -  Key

Edinburgh Castle  -  National Galleries  -  St Giles Church

NOTE:  This key is based on the 1870 map

YELLOW = Princes St and the Royal Mile

     ORANGE= Hanover St and the Mound

GREEN = National Galleries

BLUE = Edinburgh Castle

RED = St Giles Church

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk




UPPER CENTRE:  The Royal Institution (now named the Royal Scottish Academy).  Beneath it, to the south is an area described as the Earthen Mound, but without the detail that appeared in the map of 1830.

UPPER LEFT and UPPER RIGHT:  The gardens to the West and East of the Earthen Mound have been landscaped.  No detail was shown on the 1830 map, but  map above shows the paths that have been created and names the areas as:

-  Princes Street Gardens and 

-  Cleghorn's Nursery and Flower Gardens (now East Princes Street Gardens and the home outdoor skating rink in each Christmas). 

LOWER LEFT:  Edinburgh Castle - Note that there a New West Approach road has been built between the castle and the Grassmarket below it.

LOWER RIGHT:  The western end of the Old Town of Edinburgh.  The Old Town, with its high buildings and narrow closes extends (off the map to the right) down the High Street towards Holyrood Palace and Abbey.

Also in the lower right corner of this map is King George IV bridge, now known as George IV Bridge. This major road to the south from the top of the Mound did not feature in the map of  1830.  

The West Bow, leading up the hill from the Grassmarket has, by 1840, been realigned, to lead into King George IV Bridge, rather than head up the steep hill to join the Lawnmarket at the top of the Royal Mile as it did ten years earlier.  The upper portion of West Bow is now named Victoria Street.  The street, renowned for its antique shops and other specialist shops.

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