The National Galleries


Royal Scottish Academy:  

David Octavius Hill, who went on to become the artistic half of the Hill & Adamson partnership in 1843-47, was Secretary of Royal Scottish Academy in 1830.

 In this capacity he worked with many of the leading British artists, and exhibited about 300 of his own landscapes at the Royal Scottish Academy.

National Galleries of Scotland:  

The National Gallery of Scotland at the Mound can be seen in the post-card below by James Patrick[Click the picture for a larger image.]

   Post Card - National Galleries and Castle - by James Patrick

The National Gallery of Scotland
with Edinburgh Castle behind

This is just one of several buildings that, together, comprise the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Another of the National Galleries is  the National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street, which currently houses the Scottish Photography Archive.



The National Galleries


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