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Aristi's impression of the proosed link between the Royal Scottish Academy and the National Gallery of Scotland

When the Playfair Project (restoring the National Galleries at the Foot of the Mound) is complete, will there be enough room to display the work of contemporary artists in the new galleries?

The restoration project and new developments at the galleries has caused some concern on the part of the Exhibiting Societies of Scottish Art (ESSA):

-  The Society of Scottish Artists
-  The Royal Society of Painters and Watercolourists, and
-  Visual Arts Scotland

all representing contemporary artists.  

They believe that the time allotted to them for showing their work each year will be cut back as the newly refurbished galleries attract more outside exhibitions.
[Sunday Times, 27 Jan 2002:    EN, 30 Jan 2002].

It is interesting to note that there were similar concerns  amongst the contemporary painters in the late 1840s that led to the building of the National Gallery of Scotland at the Mound in the 1850s.



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