Central Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle  -  National Galleries  -  St Giles Church


Aerial View of Central Edinburgh  -  incliding Einburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens and the National Galleries of Scotland

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Central Edinburgh  -  Key

Edinburgh Castle  -  National Galleries  -  St Giles Church

NOTE:  This key is based on the 1870 map

YELLOW = Princes St and the Royal Mile

     ORANGE= Hanover St and the Mound

GREEN = National Galleries

BLUE = Edinburgh Castle

RED = St Giles Church

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The aerial photo above includes:

TOP LEFT: The formal lay-out of straight streets forms the first part of the Edinburgh New Town to be built, in the 1760s.  Running approximately west to east are:

-   Queen Street Gardens at the top of the photo; then Queen Street, where Edinburgh Photographic Society held most of its Popular Meetings in the 19th century.  The National Galleries' Scottish Photographic Collection is also housed on Queen Street, in the National Portrait Gallery.

Princes Street, home to many of Edinburgh's early photographers (with Princes Street Gardens and the galleries above)

George Street, home to many of the early meetings of the Photographic Society of Scotland and Edinburgh Photographic Society.  George Street links the two squares, St Andrew Square (right) and Charlotte Square (left - out of photo)

RIGHT:  Running diagonally down the right hand side and out of the photo at the bottom right corner is 'The Bridges'.  This starts as North Bridge at the Balmoral Hotel at the East End of Princes Street.  Then after crossing the Royal Mile at the Tron Church, it becomes South Bridge. 

WITHIN THE WHITE BOX:  Princes Street Gardens run diagonally across this area.  The light circle in West Princes Street Gardens is the open air stage.

The roads that can be seen in this area match those shown on the map of 1870 - despite the 131-year gap between the two images. 

National Galleries  -  1870 map

 Hanover Street,  Princes Street, The Mound, George IV Bridge, Victoria Street, the Royal Mile, and other roads can all be clearly recognised on both images.

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