EPS Inventory - 1868

After seven years EPS had acquired a few possessions.  Most of the hardware was acquired in the early 1860s.  The albums, photographs and books were added in the mid 1860s.

     Hammer of Chairman

     Ballot Box and Balls

     The Question Box

     Black Board, frame, stand

     Developing Tray + India Rubber Cover

     Basin, Watering pan

     Wooden Pail

     Magic Lantern, 9 adapters

     Stand for Magic Lantern

     Oxyhydrogen burner

     Two 56 lb. Weights

     Two 28 lb. Weights

      Condenser, Lens, Connections

     Tripod stand, iron head

     Cloth screen 18 ft square

     Rollers for do in 2 pieces 

     Cloth screen 12 ft square

     2 laths for do. 22 ft long

     2 gas bags, 2 pressure boards

     2 pair pressure boards

     30 yards India rubber tube

     12 views by Bedford

     1 card album presented by W Waterston

     1 large album presented by Mr Musgrave

     1 new album presented by Mr Cameron

     18 transparencies of Algiers

     40 transparencies of Trossachs etc.

     Box to hold transparencies

     Observations by Professor Piazzi Smyth

    Set of Melrose Transparencies

     5 vols. British Journal of Photography


Photograph Album?

The EPS Curator recommended, at the 1868 AGM:

"that a copy, card size , of every member, with his autograph attached, be requested from each of the members, in order to form a portrait gallery  of the members; also that each member who photographs be requested to send a couple of specimens of his work for the albums once a year, in order that there may be a stimulation to all to excel, and also to provide a pleasant recreation should papers or discussions become slack."

I would like to discover whether these suggestions were followed up, and whether these albums have survived.