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“The Grand Old Man of EPS"

Archibald Hugh Maclucas


Archibald Hugh MacLucas

The MacLucas Family

Archibald Hugh MacLucas had a daughter, a son and nine grandchildren. He took photogrpahs of his son, Norman, dressed as a street urchin and in various guises: newspaper seller, boot cleaner etc.

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Archibald Hugh MacLucas

A Break-away Society

Midlothian Photogrpahic Association


Archibald Hugh MacLucas was a prominent Member of Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society for many years  -  but in 1907, he and several other Members broke away form EPS for eight years.

The controversy arose over  EPS's decision not to join the Scottish Photographic Federation.  

The Members who broke away formed their own society, with a full programme of events.  Many possible names were suggested for the  new society. 

The one chosen was Midlothian Photographic Association.


Archibald Hugh MacLucas

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In 1915, with the support of Archibald H MacLucas, who was then President of Midlothian Photogrpahic Association, Edinburgh Photogrpahic Society and Midlothian Photogrpahic Association  amalgamated.

Archibald MacLucas went on be elected President of EPS in 1917, again from 1941 to 1946.

It was reported in 1951:  “The Grand Old Man of EPS has been taken ill”. 

But Archibald survived a little longer.  He was elected EPS Vice President in 1954, but died the following day.


Archibald Hugh MacLucas

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Lectures to EPS

Archibald MacLucas gave many lectures to EPS over a period of almost forty years.    His President's Opening Lecture in 1917 took as its subject: Some Personal Reminiscences. 

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Archibald H MacLucas
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