The Royal Studio

Postcard Portrait - 1

The Royal Studio was based at 128 Leith Street, and produced portraits on post cards.  Here is one of their post cards.

Post Card Portraits  -  The Royal Studios


I have found no reference to this studio in any of the trade directories, so I cannot say when it operated, but the post card above may give a clue.

Postcard Portrait - 2

Thank you to the owner of the photo below, 'timandpep',  for sending a copy to me.  Perhaps somebody will be able to estimate the date of this photo or the one above, based on the fashions.  Please click on the image below to enlarge the photo, to study it more closely:

Postcard Portrait from The Royal Studio, 128 Leith Walk.  When might this photo have been taken?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement
to the owner of this photo ('timandpep')

1945 Photo from Royal Studios

I have found another photo from Royal Studio, Edinburgh.  This one is a family group, postcard-size, in a cardboard wallet, but has no printing on the back  -  just a rubber stamp that reads:


6 JUL 1945



I don't believe the plural 'STUDIOS' is very significant.  Printed on the cardboard surround of the photo mount is the name, Royal Studio, Edinburgh.

Is this likely to be the same company as produced the portrait above from 128 Leith Street?

Postcard Portrait 3

Here is another postcard from Royal Studio, 78 Leith Street, dated 1945.

  The Royal Studio, Edinburgh  -  Postcard portrait of a man in a kilt

This image comes from Jacek Pozdrowiam, Poland, complete with its original cardboard wallet.

  The Royal Studio, Edinburgh  -  Cardboard folder for a postcard portrait of a man in a kilt

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Postcard Portraits

Royal Studio -  Enlarged Photo