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Apollo against the Artists

"I also am a painter!" was said, as all men know

And said by no mean artist, three centuries ago.

But lo! An artist greater far among us now appears;

For after shining quietly on for twice three thousand years

Old Sol takes up his parable, and says - "I've now on view

Some pictures that, perhaps, may show that I'm an artist too."

"If any man shall doubt the fact, let him proceed straightway

To my Great Exhibition-Room and there his shilling pay.

I think I there may promise him his shilling's worth and more

In Portraits such as mortal eye ne'er looked upon before;

In Temples and in Palaces - in scenes by land and sea -

For nothing that I shine upon can come amiss to me!"

"Old Sol had scarcely spoken thus, when forth I went straightway

To his Great Exhibition-Room, my shilling there to pay.

And scarcely had I passed the door, and laid my money down

When I exclaimed  'A shilling's worth!  Why this is worth a crown.

He really is a painter!  His own account is true.

I only wish we saw him here far oft'ner than we do'."

The Courant, 22 Jan1857


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