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Mr McKean's Recitation

A standard light, in peace and war,

Is our Society surely,

Since darksome days round Lochnagar

Macbeths are seen but rarely.

Yet we hae ane wha leads his men,

To higher peaks, in kilts or breeks,

Where Art now reins, so for his pains

We bid him drink till bleary.

We saw our chief last meeting ride,

His hobby horse so cheer’ly,

When photographs were scattered wide

And criticised severely.

He told us then o’ hill and glen

What light and shade our pictures made;

Where portraits, too, were false or true,

Artistically or smeary.

Wha wadna’ join our noble chief

And wrestle till he’s weary,

To bring our camera’s foes to grief

And make them lo’e her dearly.

The time’s at hand, let’s firmly stand,

Our RSA shall lead the way,

Then man to man, do what you can,.

To make the union early.

Though brush and camera must unite,

Their lovers live in sorrow

A room with non-actinic light

They want to beg or borrow.

Then let us all obey the call

To clear the gloom, and get a room,

Since Art has blest, the plate’s impressed,

Development must follow.

So Norman up and let’s awa’,

We can no longer parley,

On tripod legs, though Nature draw

Your Art we need it sorely.

Yes!  Art must go where cameras go

With all who climb the hill of fame;

Well - that infers photographers,

Are artists - that’s shown clearly.

Last night our Council bravely sat

Upon a poor old woman,

Some members said that she was flat

Though that was only human

Diston in Fife must end the strife,

And Glasgow too, if she be true,

Till each and all hang on his wall,

That picture called “The Gloamin”.

But why this fuss to get a print

When photos are so plenty?

Among our members, there’s a mint

As pictures they look dainty.

Then turn them out, nor let us doubt 

That graceful Art has played her part,

If not enough, ne’er mind a snuff -,

Just try a little paint. Eh!


Presented at the EPS
 Annual Dinner 



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