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Weather Cock

Photographers, a motley crew

Depend (as other mortals do)

On you, and no-one more than you, 

Clerk of the Weather;

And those pictorially inclined,

Who sally forth with views in mind,

Hope fervently you will be kind

Clerk of the Weather 

When summer outings are on hand 

We’re all prepared, a hopeful band.

There’s just one thing that can’t be planned

Clerk of the Weather;

And when the pictures we produce,

Are met with well-deserved abuse

We name you as our chief excuse

Clerk of the Weather;

This year you’ve shown especial spite

I’m sure it understates our plight

To say you have been far from bright

Clerk of the Weather;

But, if you’re willing to relent

You may with everyone’s consent,

Become our new Hon. President

Clerk of the Weather.



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