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A Note from Titipu

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,

Iíve got a little list - Iíve got a little list,

Of EPS offenders who might well be underground,

And who never would be missed - who never would be missed.

Thereís the Wednesday Irregulars who cannot come on time,

(If theyíd only take a key-card they would minimise the crime),

There are folks who must leave early (and must also bang the door),

There are interruptive extroverts whoíve heard it all before,

There are pestilential chatterers.  Theyíd better all desist,

For Iíve got them on my list - Iíve got them on my list.

Thereís Picasso in the dark-room with the set of felt tipped pens,

Iíve got him on the list - Iíve got him on the list,

He scribbles on the base-boards and his thumb printís on the lens,

And Iíll give his neck a twist - Iím sure he wonít be missed.

The Dolphin sets the bench awash (but canít clean out a tray),

Our literary Raffles spirits magazines away,

Alaric leaves the studio like Steptoeís sonís backyard,

And pulls the background paper down and tramples on it hard,

They, one and all, had better see a good psychiatrist,

For Iíve got them on the list - Iíve got them on the list.



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