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A Symphony

I’ve learnt a darkroom trick or two sin’ I took up the trade.

I’m the greatest when I come tae dodge, haud back, burn in or shade.

A’ kinds o’ fancy handiwork are at my beck an’ ca’,

Like puttin’ moons in landscapes when they arena’ there at a’

An’ yet I doot ’twad be a task beyond my ingenuity

Tae execute a symphony o’ visual perspicuity

Noo sometimes on a Club Nicht learned judges waxed poetical,

On balance and on harmony and qualities aesthetical,

But aye ’twas ither bodies’ prints they greeted wi’ acclaim

When they cam’ roon’ tae judgin’ mine I wished I’d stayed at hame.

But noo, I’ll change their scornfu’ looks tae stares o; stunned vacuity.

I’ll execute a symphony o’ visual perspicuity

At work I canna concentrate, my heid is in a spin

The nicht-time finds me sleepless wi’ the awfu’ state I’m in,

My brain is birlin’ roon’, my e’en are growin’ duller,

I’ll hae tae see the chemist - for a roll o’ Kodacolor,

An’ maybe yet wi; just a bit o; skill an; assiduity,

I’ll execute a symphony o’ visual perspicuity



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