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Alexander Asher's comments on Darkrooms in 1867

Alexander Asher commented on darkrooms when he delivered his Lecture  "Remarks on Aids to Clean Manipulations" to Edinburgh Photographic Society on 6 February 1867.  He said:

"In the so-called 'dark room' there should be plenty of light - of the right sort;  and so we avoid many blunders caused by attempting to work literally in the dark.  I am sure you will agree with me that the dark room should be as light and lofty as space and circumstances will allow.  

Many professional photographers have suffered in their general health, and from special maladies, the effects of being immured for hours daily in small and ill-ventilated dark rooms, which are not only prejudicial to health, but possess many drawbacks to clean manipulation.

A good darkroom will, therefore, be provided with suitable means of ventilation , and also for securing a moderate degree of heat throughout the room during the winter months.  Gas stoves in dark rooms should be avoided as abominations, and they are by no means friends in aiding to secure clean pictures.  A hot water system, when practicable, is decidedly the best and cleanest, if not also the cheapest in the end.



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