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Here are two of Asher's cartes de visite  ( approx 4 ins x 2.5 ins):

    Carte de Visite  -  4 portraits  -  Photographer: Asher       Carte de Visite  -  Photographer:Asher

Here is one of his cabinet prints  -  (approx 4.5ins x 4.5 ins):

Alex Asher  -  Cabinet Print  -  front

Here are two of Asher's small photographs of groups

Portrait of three ladies  -  by ALexander Asher      Portrait of two ldies and a man  -  by Alexander Asher

Alexander Asher also had a branch at Eskbank, Dalkeith, in the 1870s.



Alexander Asher was a PSS exhibitor, and an EPS member and lecturer.  In 1867, he gave a lecture to EPS: 

Remarks on Aids to Clean Manipulations

Eight years later he delivered another lecture to EPS:

 Exhibitions - a Stimulus to Advance True Progress in Photography



Alex Asher Jun. was elected a new member of Edinburgh Photographic Society, 1882-84

Alex Asher is also reported as having been elected a new member of Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1884-85.  Was this the same man?

Who was Alexander Asher Senior?  Was he also an Edinburgh photographer?


Answer 1


-  all mentions of Alexander Asher (Edinburgh photographer from 1864 to 1900) on this web site, refer to Alexander Asher Jun

-  Alexander Asher of Elgin, below,  was his father.   i.e. Alexander Asher Sen.

John Milne, Accountant in Elgin and Trustee of Alexander Asher  sequestrated estate, described Alexander Asher of Elgin, in a document dated August 16, 1861 as being:

 Painter, Glazier, Paperhanger, and also Photographer.

Thank you to John Hadden, Edinburgh: October 5, 2007, for providing the above details of Alex Ayton's estate,  taken from The Edinburgh Gazette.


Answer 2

Thank you to John Hadden for his further research, resulting in the following message.

"Alexander Asher seems to have got his affairs sorted out by 1864, and he has moved to Dunfermline, as the notice below shows.  So it may still be one Asher after all."


 Painter, Glazier, Paperhanger and also Photographer,

 sometime residing in Elgin, now residing in Dunfermline.

By virtue of an Order of the Sheriff-Substitute of Elginshire, the said Alexander Asher hereby intimates that he has presented a Petition to the Sheriff of Banff, Elgin, and Nairn, to be finally discharged of all debts contracted by him before the date of the sequestration of his estates, in, terms of the Statutes.

GRANT & JAMESON, Agents for Petitioner. Elgin, March. 26, 1864

John Hadden, Edinburgh: October 6, 2007


Answer 3

Thank you to Joe Ann Croft who wrote:

"Alexander Asher was born 1 July 1836 in Elgin, Moray.  He was the son of Alexander Asher, house painter, and Margaret Miller.  He married Mary Anne Henderson in Dunfermline, Fife, on 22 Sep 1856, where he was working as a house painter. The couple had no children that survived infancy."

Joe-Ann Croft: March 29, 2009



Asher,  Alexander

47,48  Whitfield Place


Asher,  Alexander

102 South Bridge


Asher,  Alexander

65  Princes Street


Asher,  Alexander

14  Antigua Street


Asher,  Alexander

72  Princes Street


Asher,  Alexander

79  Princes Street


Asher,  Alexander

2  Baxter's Place [Blenheim Ho]


Asher,  Alexander

34 Haddington Place


Asher,  Alexander

3  Baxter's Place [Blenheim Ho]


Asher,  Alexander

15 Annandale Terrace



1881 Census

The entry for Alexander Asher in the 1881 census reads:

-  Photographic Artist

-  Aged 44

-  Born:  Elgin

-  Resident:  72 Princes Street

-  Wife:  Mary AA



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