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Alexander Asher moves from Fife to Edinburgh

Alexander Asher was born in Elgin in 1837.    [Census:1881].

He began his photographic business in Dunfermline in 1862.  A partnership was established with John Drummond of Dunfermline operating studios in Dunfermline and Alloa from Dec 1863 to Nov 1864.   [IN:SB], [FFHS]

In Dec 1864 Alexander Asher moved to Edinburgh and became: 'Photographer and Portrait Painter'.   

He advertised:


"Portraits enlarged from cartes up to life size

and finished in oils, water colors or chalks.."

It was to be about another 20 years before John Drummond came to  Edinburgh to open his photographic business


 Alexander Asher's comments on Studios in 1868

Alexander Asher referred to his studio during a discussion of a paper entitled "On the Construction of Glass Houses for Portraiture"


"Mr Asher said that while he agreed with the desire of Mr MacKay to have a large house, that was not always practicable, especially in large towns. 

He liked, for his own purpose, a long house with a ridge roof, one side of which was dark and the ability to work at either end.  He thought this left nothing to be desired."

[BJP: 1868,  p.511] 




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