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carte de visite

Fred E Bailey was a photographer and an enameller.  Here is the back of one of his cabinet prints on which he advertises photography by the new instantaneous process, carbon, autotype, tile and opal portraits, enlarged to any size, finished in oils, water colour, crayons and other styles

cabinet print

Cabinet Print (back)  -  Photographer: Fred E Bailey

  Reproduced with the permission of CSV, Community History Project Archive, Edinburgh


Carte de Visite


Carte de Visite  -  Photographer: FE Bailey Carte de Visite (back)  -  Photographer: FE Bailey

Copyright: For permission to reproduce, please contact

On the carte de visite above, FE Bailey offers both portrait and landscape photography.


Post Cards

Fred E Bailey also produced portraits on postcards.  Those I have seen have been stamped with a blind stamp bearing the address 96 Nicolson Street.  On the back of the postcards, the address is printed as 92 and 96 Nicolson Street.

The postcards that I have have not been dated or posted.  If I add the postcards to this page (when I find time to do so) perhaps somebody will be able to estimate the date from the fashions.


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