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J Munro Bell


JM Bell & Co

Bell, Fowler & Co

Artist & Engraver

The book 'Old Edinburgh Closes', published 1884, contains 12 attractive etchings by J Munro Bell.  There are figures in most of the etchings, and also hens in the White Horse Close etching.

Each etching measures about 9ins x 7 ins and is printed on paper about 15ins x 11 ins.  

The copy that I have seen is at the  National Library of Scotland.  It is described as a 'book' and comprises a frontispiece, index and 12 engravings, each separated by tissue paper, but all pages are unbound:

'Old Edinburgh Closes'  -  Index Page

 Old Edinburgh Closes

Twelve Etchings


I     Bakehouse

II    St John's

III   Plainstone's

IV   Gentle's

V    White Horse

VI   Playhouse

VII   Advocates'

VIII  Reid's

IX    Chesel's

X     Campbell's

XI    Old Playhouse

XII    Little Lochend

The National LIbrary of Scotland paid £2 10s 0d for this 'book' in on 25 April 1929.

Engraving Companies

J Munro Bell continued as an artist and engraver, setting up two companies:

-  JM Bell & Co  Artists and Photo Engravers.   The company was also listed as Photographers, for one year only, in 1897.

-  Bell, Fowler & Co - Photo Process Engravers & Designers They advertised:

 “Premises or wares, 

photo’d or drawn 

for catchy magazine 

or newspaper ad’s.” 



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