Descendants of John Center

John Center, the 19th century photographer and bagpipe maker is now [2003]  reported to have:

-  51 living descendants of John Center in Victoria, Australia.

-    9 living descendants in USA.

-  10 (or more) living descendants in England, Scotland and Spain.  This is the Gillanders branch of the family.

The parents of John Center were James and Isobella Senter.  They are reported to have 81 living descendants in Australia

One of the workers in John Center's bagpipe business in the 19th century was Robert Gillanders.  He later married John's eldest daughter, Jane Isabella, in 1893.

Descendants of Robert Gillanders went on to run a bagpipe-making business in Edinburgh, Gillanders & McLeod. 

Robert Gillanders, a one-time partner in the business died in 1997 in Dundas.  He was a grandson of John Center's eldest daughter.

John Center -  Photograph Album

Amongst the possessions of the Australian descendants is an album of John Center's cabinet prints.  He may have assembled this album to demonstrate examples of his photography.

Thank you to Veronika Ihlenfeldt for details above.  John Center was a brother of her great great grandmother.


John Center and the Senter Family

Most of the family were named Senter. John used the name Center.

George was Center (marriage records), but Centre (christening records).


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