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John Coats

Pharmaceutical Business

John T Coats & Co appeared in the trade directories as Photographers, at Broughton Street from 1924.  But the company has a much longer history as a pharmaceutical business.

An earlier pharmaceutical business was established at 59 Tollbooth Wynd, on the site of Old Tollbooth Prison, Leith, in 1867.  This was acquired by John T Coats in 1884.    [EI]

John T Coats & Co. continued their photography business until 1934.  The company’s pharmaceutical business continued until 1954.  Its activities included wholesale and export druggists, manufacturing, analytical and retail chemists, aerated water makers, oil and drysaltery warehouse.


J Coats gave a lecture to EPS in 1920:- Psychic Photography.    

Was this John T Coats?


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