Fairbairn's Studio

The Promenade, Portobello

Fairbairn's Studio on Portobello Promenade

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Fairbairn's Studio

The Promenade, Portobello

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, William Fairbairn operated several studios around Edinburgh.  The one featured above was on Portobello Promenade.  The trade appears to have included fruit and sweets as well as photography!

This studio was listed in the Edinburgh Trade Directories from 1906 to 1911.  It probably opened only in the summer months, as there would not have been much business to be done on the promenade in winter.

Below are all the Fairbairn studios that I have identified in Edinburgh.  I have not discovered, yet, whether H Fairbairn, Henry Fairbairn and James Fairbairn (studios1862 and 1880-82) were part of the same family as William Fairbairn (studios 1891-1921).

Fairbairn Studios

Edinburgh, Leith and Portobello

Fairbairn's Studio

29 Promenade,  Portobello


Fairbairn,  H

3 Catherine Street


Fairbairn,  Henry

_ Bellevue


Fairbairn,  James

2 Tollcross


Fairbairn,  William

10 Crown Street, Leith Walk


Fairbairn,  William

15 Crown Street, Leith Walk


Fairbairn,  William

72 Leith Walk


Fairbairn,  William

70 Leith Walk


Fairbairn,  William

83 High Street


Fairbairn,  William

116 Fountain Bridge




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