J Greenfield

John Greenfield

James Edward Greenfield

 Also named James Edward  [mistake]- in one directory]

Photographers named Greenfield

J Greenfield was a photographer, based at 10 Crown Street, Leith, in 1890.

John Greenfield was based at 5a then 5 Annandale Street, Edinburgh,  for almost forty-five years from 1916.

James Edward Greenfield was a photographer based at 10a Greenside Place, close to Annandale Street for almost thirty years from 1918.


Were the three photographers above related?


 Cartes de Visite   -   No 1   -  by J Greenfield


Carte de Visite No 1  -  by J Greenfield  -  front             Carte de visite No 1  -  by J Greenfield  -  back


 Cartes de Visite   -   Nos 2 and 3  -  by J Greenfield


Carte de visite No 2  -  by J Greenfield  -  front

Carte de visite No 2  -  by J Greenfield  -  back


Carte de visite No 3  -  by J Greenfiled  -  front

Carte de visite No 3  -  by J Greenfileld  -  back




Andrew Greenfield Lockhart

Northamptonshire, England

Thank you to Andrew Greenfield Lockhart who wrote:


"In the course of conducting some family research, I came across your website and was intrigued by the question you pose regarding the three Greenfields who seem to have operated in Edinburgh late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

I wondered whether you had an answer from anyone about the relationship between the three, if any?
Not yet!  - 
Peter Stubbs

I doubt I can supply an answer myself.  Nevertheless here are some strange coincidences which may or may not be helpful."

James Edward Greenfield

"I'm pretty sure James Edward Greenfield was born in 1892 in St Andrew's Parish, Edinburgh, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Greenfield. Thus Greenfield would have been his mother's name.

 I had thought I might find a connection between him and my own family - and of course there may be one - but I can't find out without going to some expense.

My great-grandfather, James Greenfield, spent his life in Leith and died there in January 1890 aged only 38.  I have never heard of him being a photographer, either amateur or professional, but it's always possible.

If you look at the Edinburgh directories of 1878/9 and 1879/80, you'll see he was grocer in Coburg Street. However, in the directories (general) for the years 1888/89 and 1889/90, he is now at 41 Leith Walk where he was described as a 'commercial traveller'.

If I'm not mistaken, 41 Leith Walk today is a building at the corner of Leith Walk and Crown Place. Below it is a pub!  You will know the area better than I do.  I live in Northamptonshire.

I wondered if it was possible that in 1890 the Leith Walk and Crown Street (or Place) addresses were adjacent - perhaps even the same building.   The coincidence remains even if I'm slightly out with my location. I know they are close."

John Greenfield (1)

"My great-great grandfather also lived at that time (until 1890) in the area.  He was John, but wasn't a photographer, certainly not professional, as far as I know."

John Greenfield (2)

"Another of his sons, also John, was in the area too.  I don't know where he lived in 1890."

Andrew Greenfield Lockhart,  Northamptonshire, England



Pat Reid


Thank you to Pat Reid for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook, about her research into the Greenfield photographers.

Pat wrote:

Greenfield Photographers

"On the 1911 census for 5a Annandale Street, Edinburgh, there are listed Edward and Mary Ann Greenfield and family including:

-   Eliza

 John (photographic engraver)

 Samuel (Photographic Canvasser)

-   William (Photographer)

-   James Edward Greenfield (son of Eliza, also a Photographer)

 Florence with daughter Mary Ann and son John.

 The Photographers are all designated as working 'at home'."

Pat Reid, Edinburgh:  Message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, May 143, 2012


 Cabinet Print  -  by J Greenfield

Please click the picture below to see a cabinet print of four men with clay pipes and drinks:

   Cabinet print of four men with clay pipes and drinks  -  J Greenfield


 Postcard-size Print  -  by J Greenfield

Please click the picture below to see a portrait of Flora McLeod as a guide, taken around 1942-43 at J Greenfield's studio

This portrait is about postcard size, but blank on the back.

Portrait of Flora McLeod as a guide, around 1942-43  -  outside of the packaging

Portrait of Flora McLeod as a guide, around 1942-43  -  inside of the packaging


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