Cabinet Print

William Halkett

Where is it?

Answer  -  Jock's Lodge Toll House

A cabinet print by William Halkett, Portobello  -  Where was this photograph taken?

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Andrew Jenkins, Swayfield, Lancashire


Cabinet Print

William Halkett


Here is one of William Halkett's cabinet prints.

William Halkett had a studios at Portobello from 1897 until 1930, but cabinet pints were only popular until the very early 1900s - so it seems likely that this photo would probably have been taken around 1900.

Cabinet prints were photos, 5.5 ins x 4 ins, mounted on cards 6.5 ins x 4.25 ins. with the photographer's name and address on the back of the card or occasionally (as here) on the front of the card.

Cabinet prints were usually studio portraits, but this one is an outdoor view.  If you recognise the location, please e-mail me.

Thank you.   - Peter Stubbs


Reply from

Lee Kindness

Joppa, Edinburgh


Thank you to Lee Kindness telling me where this photo was taken.  Lee found the answer came as the result of a forum effort, with an important clue coming from  Gordon Mackenzie.

Lee wrote:

Jock's Lodge

"The caption for plate 47 in chapter 7 of 'Old Duddingston and Portobello - A Local History' by Dennis B White reads:

'Jock's Lodge toll house. The triple marks on the wall of the toll house indicate the position of one of the toll-gate posts. The road to the left is the road to Edinburgh and that to the right goes, via what became known as "Smokey Brae", to Restalrig and Leith.'.

I think the only building still recognisable from this photo is the one at the far top left - the one with the windows on the gable end very near the roof line. That's the building which now contains the Prince Qasim takeaway and the Limelite bar (which was the Crown & Cushion before?).

The building to the right of that, which is obscured in this print, could perhaps be the current 'Jock's Lodge' bar, but then again, maybe the building with the arched windows is?  The roof line and chimneys look similar."

Lee Kindness, Joppa, Edinburgh:  March 7, 2010


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