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James Jamieson

Professional Photographer

James Jameson had Studios in Edinburgh from 1857 until 1885, except for the years 1870 to 1877.  Where was he then?  

When he returned to photography in 1878  after his absence of eight years, James Jameson continued to cartes de visite bearing the same logo on the back as had been used  in the 1860s.

carte de visite

Carte de Visite  -  Photographer: Jamieson

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Here is one of James Jamieson's cartes de visite, dating from the period when he was based at 30 Lothian Road, 1880-85.  I wonder if the sitter was satisfied with the result.

James Jamieson's motto, Light & Truth appeared on the back of his cartes de visite together with an emblem, a small sailing ship.

Lectures to EPS

He gave lectures to EPS:

  -   1871:        The Preparation of Glass as the Support for Collodion Filler

  -   1871-2:     Does Photography Not Lie in Rendering the Rob Roy  Tartan?

  -   1872:        The Occasional Shortcomings of photos and the necessity of judicious retouching

  -   1881:        Experiments with the Development of Gelatine Plates

Death of James Jamieson

Thank you to Neil Brown for sending me the following message:

Neil wrote:

"James Jamieson, photographer,  died 15 Feb 1884, aged  59 yrs, at  32 Stafford Street, Edinburgh, of tuberculosis.

He was  the widower of Euphemia Richard Downie

He was the son of Andrew Jamieson, farm servant."

Neil Brown, Peebles, Borders, Scotland:  June 28, 2007


W Jamieson & Co

79 Princes Street

W Jamieson & Co first appeared as a professional photographer, based at 79 Princes Street in 1888 and became Jamieson & Co in 1890.

But perhaps he had already worked under one of the  other photographers in Princes Street before establishing his own business in 1888.

Twice in the 1880s, Edinburgh Photographic Society admitted a new member named W Jamieson, possibly one or both were the same photographer as above:

-  1 March 1882:  W Jamieson 79 Princes Street

This was the address of Alexander Asher and other photographers around 1882.

-  Session 1885-86:  W  Jamieson, 16 Princes Street

This was the address of Ovinius Davis from 1881 until 1898

1890 EPS Exhibition

In the 1890 EPS Exhibition, W Jamieson & Co exhibited a very wide range of processes:

-   7 argentotypes: (a mix of portraits, landscapes and fossils)

-   3 carbon prints  (two portraits and a group)

-   4 platinotype portraits

-   1 sepia carbon portrait

-   3 aristotype portraits

-   4 sepia portraits

-   5 bromide landscape


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