Los Angeles Studios

ALSO Los Angeles Studio

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Los Angeles Studios  -  75 Princes Street

Los Angeles studio  -  Princes Street

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Los Angeles Studios

Studio Address

This view shows the company's sign on the  outside of their premises on the 2nd floor, immediately to the right of the Rowntrees sign.  Los Angeles Studios were based at:

-   75 Princes Street from 1924 until 1946

- 111 Princes Street from 1947 until 1956.


Thank you to Kerry Alexander, Gracemount, Edinburgh for sending me this photograph of her grandfather and friends.

Kerry wrote:


"Here is a photograph of my grandad, Bobby Kernan and friends, taken at Los Angeles Portrait Studio, 75 Princes Street on 6 September 1936 (or perhaps 1938)."

Kerry Alexander,

 Photograph from Los Angeles Portrait Studios, 75 Princes Street  -  Bobby Kernan and Friends

Thank you to David Millan, London, for sending me photographs of babies in his family taken at Los Angeles studios in 1932 and 1938. David tells me that the first of these has a 'carte postale' layout on the back.

I have several other photographs from Los Angeles studio.  I may add them later to the web site later.


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