Malcolm Macalpine


Macalpine & Son

Macalpine's Black & White Studio

Macalpine and Son and Malcolm Macalpine were based at several addresses between 1913 and 1922.  

From 1915 until 1922, Macalpine & Son  were based at 26 Greenside Place, the address of Macalpine's Black & White Studios.

Here is a post card portrait from Macalpine's Black & White Studios. were based at Black & White Studio was based at 

Post Card

Post Card Portraits  -  Macalpine  -  front of post card

Post Card Portraits  -  Maclalpine  -  post card back 

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Stephen McMahon's Family

Thank you to Stephen McMahon for sending me some of his family photos.

Stephen wrote:

Macalpine's Studio

"I came across this studio print of my grandparents and  their sons.

Macalpine postcard - The McMahon family 

The back of a Macalpine postcard - The McMahon family

 In the photo are:

-  my grandfather (of "Edinburgh Refuse  Disposal" fame)

my grandmother on the right

my uncle Richard on  the left (b. 1910)

-  my father (of Lochrin Garage fame) in the  centre (b.1912).

Judging by the size of my father, he must have been  no more than 4 or 5 when this was taken. This would put the date of  the image at some time in the middle or end of the Great War."

Stephen asked:


 "The addresses on the back of the postcard are:

-  26 Greenside Place, Edinburgh

-  Waverley Market, Edinburgh and

-  29 Promenade, Portobello

Does  anyone have any idea when Macalphines where doing business at three  locations in Edinburgh?"

Answer 1

Macalpine & Son had studios at all three of these addresses for the period 1915 to 1918.

Here is a link to a page that gives dates and studio addresses, including those for Malcolm Macalpine and for Macalpine and Son.

Thank you to Stephen for also sending me these photos of his grandfather and grandmother, taken a couple of decades later.  Stephen wonders where these two photos might have been taken:

Stephen McMahon's Grandfather outside an LNER station, probably in the 1930s.  Where is this station         Stephen McMahon's Grandmother outside an LNER station, probably in the 1930s.  Where is this station

Stephen McMahon, Munich, Germany:  December 10, 2009

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