Macara & Co


D Macara & Co

Not Found in Trade Directories

I have not found mention of Macara & Co or D Macara & Co in any of the Edinburgh trade directories, so cannot say when the company was in business. 

However, I do have:

-  a post card:  Macara & Co, Edinr. 

This is a view of the Scott Monument in Princes Street.

-  3 cartes de visite by  D Macara & Co.

These are possibly from around 1890s.  They give the address 79 Princes Street and describe the company as

'Photographers and Miniature Portrait Painters'

The wording on the back of these cartes de visite also says:

Cartes enlarged to life size and painted in oils or water colours.


Duncan Macara

Thank you to Neil Macara Brown for providing the following additional information.

Neil wrote:

"Through my genealogical research I have recently become interested in  Duncan Macara & Co - he is some sort of ancestral cousin of mine -  and hope to discover more.

I recently obtained a postcard-size photo of a Newhaven Fishwife taken by  him, and have one or two standard postcards. The firm was in Cockburn  Street at one time, and later in Frederick, I think."

Neil added:

"Incidentally, Macara firm were also large stationers and fancy goods suppliers."

Neil Macara Brown,  Peebles, Borders:  February 12, 2007


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