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A Mann & Co

13 St James Square

Alexander Mann had a studio at 13 St James Square in 1900.  This is the only record that I have found of him in the Photographer listings in the Edinburgh and Leith Trade Directories.

However, he appears to have been a photographer at nearby 7 Leith Street a few years earlier, though not trading under his own name. 

Perhaps he worked for Star Photo Co.  They were at based at 7 Leith Street, but I have not yet discovered when they were based there.  [More research needed here.]

7 Leith Street

The book, Thomas Vernon Begbie - Photographer, reports that between 1874 and 1896, No 7 Leith Street was occupied consecutively by Thomas Begbie, James Murray, Alexander Milne, John Whyte and Alexander Mann, all photographers.

John Whyte appeared in the Edinburgh Trade Directories, based at 7 Leith Street 1886-89.  This suggests that Alexander Mann was based there for some or all of the period 1890-96

Lecture to EPS

In 1892, A Mann gave a lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society entitled:

"Telescopic Photography"



Was A Mann (Edinburgh) the same person as Arthur Mann who had a studio in Leeds (1892-98)?


I believe "No".  Since asking this question, I have found the reference to Alexander Mann of 7 Leith Street.  

I now believe that A Mann (Edinburgh) was Alexander Mann


Photographers at 7 Leith Street




Begbie,  Thomas Vernon

1874 - 81

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Murray,  James


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Alexander Milne




Whyte,  John


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Alexander Mann




Star Photo Co



  B Pho

TVBE = Thomas Vernon Begbie's Edinburgh

B Pho = details on the back of a photograph