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Alexander Mathison

Photographer and EPS Member

Alexander Mathison was photographer based at 7 Arthur Street but when?

Some of his photogrpahs were included in the EPS Popular Meeting held on 24 January 1883

He appears in the trade directories as Spirit Dealer at this address, (1876-92, and possibly also other years).


Question 1

What else is known of Alexander Mathison and how he divided his time between his photography and spirit dealing business?

I received an e-mail on 7 November 2005.  The sender wrote:

Wine Jugs

I have a crock, an old wine jug that has Alex Mathison 7 Arthur Street & 50 Dean Street Edinburgh on it.  It looks to be very old. Do you know anything about this jug?

I have several other jugs also that look the same but say something else. I was told these were very old.

The dates of Alexander Mathison's business as a chemist in Edinburgh (1876-1892) may be an indication of the age of his jug.  -  Peter Stubbs



Question 2

Other Photographers
named Mathison

Was Alexander Mathison (above) the same photographer as, or was he related to, any of the following?

     a)  W Alexander Mathison who gave lectures to EPS between 1875 and 1883.

or  b)   Mr Mathieson who opened the discussion at the EPS Meeting on 5 January 1881?  The subject of the meeting was

 What is the Best way of Toning Transparencies? 

or  c)  ADE Mathison who entered photographs in the EPS Members' Exhibition, 1911.  The titles of the pictures were:

 -  An attractive Volendam Harbour view and

 -  Prints of two Dutch children

  [BJP  1 Dec 1911, p.919]