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McMillan & Thomson

Daguerreotype Portrait Gallery

McMillan & Thomson's Daguerreotype Portrait Gallery was based at 19 Princes Street, 1845-46.

The company advertised its Daguerreotype photographic portrait business at 19 Princes Street in The Scotsman newspaper on:

-  15 March 1845

-  22 March 1845

-  29 March 1845

-  5 Apr 1845


The Scotsman  15 March 1845  Page 3


McMillan & Thomson, No 19 Princes Street, having made important improvements in the above beautiful art, they are now taking PORTRAITS in GROUPS, FULL LENGTH, and BUSTS of various sizes.

They also make correct COPIES from Oil Paintings, Miniatures, Statuary, and Works of Art requiring correctness and minuteness of detail.


Was Daniel McMillan actively involved in the Portrait Gallery, or was he perhaps, part-owner of the business but not actively involved, concentrating on his other business at the same address?  See below.

McMillan's Other Business at 19 Princes Street

At the same address in 1846 were Messrs McMillan & Rutherford, Pocket book and leather case makers.  

In 1844, Daniel McMillan had been Pocket Book Maker at 90 South Bridge, and James Rutherford had been a Pocket Book & Leather Case Maker at 67 North Bridge.

Which Thomson

Which Thomson was it who was in partnership with McMillan in 1845-46?  Was it, perhaps, John Thomson who had a studio at 90 Princes Street from 1848?