James McPherson

  [This is how the name appears on his cartes de visite]

John McPherson  [in some trade directories]

J McPherson  [in other trade directories]


Edinburgh Photographer

Studio at 105 South Bridge

J McPherson had studios at 105 South Bridge,1863-64, then 94 South Bridge from 1865.

One of the New Members admitted to EPS on 21 October 1863 was A Smith, 105 South Bridge.  Was he, perhaps, employed by J McPherson.

Other Studios at South Bridge

I have seen a carte de visite from J McPherson, with the address: The National Photographic Gallery, South Bridge.

I have found just one other reference to a National Photographic Gallery.  That is for the period 1874 to 1901.  At that time,  George R Lawson was based at Lawson's National Photographic Gallery, 102 South Bridge.

Studio at Princes Street

I have seen a carte de visite bearing the words:

Edinburgh School of Photography

16 Princes Street

J McPherson  -  Manager and Artist


A few Questions

1.  Was J McPherson who joined Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1863 the same man as the professional photogrpaher, J McPherson?

2.  Was J McPherson with studio at South Bridge the same man as J McPherson working from Princes Street a few years later? 

3. Did J McPherson work from one or two Princes Street directories.  The address of the Edinburgh School of Photography, at which he was Manager and Artist, is given as 17 Princes Street in the trade directories.  But I have seen some cartes de visite showing 16 Princes Street and others showing 17 Princes Street.

4. There appears to have been at least one James McPherson.  But was there also a John McPherson or was this an error in the trade directories?

These names appeared in trade directories for J McPherson at 105, then 94, South Bridge:

-  J McPherson:   in the Post Office Edinburgh & Leith Directories, 1863-68

-   J McPherson:   in the  New Edinburgh, Leith & County Directories,  1867-68

-   John McPherson:  in Slater's Directory, 1867

4. Was the National Photographic Gallery described by McPherson as being at 102 South Bridge the same studio as became Lawson's National Photographic Gallery at 105 South Bridge? 


James McPherson

Move to 102 South Bridge

Thank you to Ron Cosens for sending me a copy of this advert which he had received from Allan Collier. 





JAMES McPHERSON (latterly from America) begs most respectfully to intimate to the public that he has OPENED at the above PREMISES as a PHOTOGRAPHER, and will carry on the Business in all its Departments.  J. McP has had large experience in the art, was Seven years in Nigeria, and has on Exhibition 36 different Views of the Falls.  Stereoscopes of his are taken which give a complete idea of the place, as well as a splendid specimen of his handiwork.

Terms are the most Moderate

J A M E S   M c P H E R S O N

102 SOUTH BRIDGE, Edinburgh

Falkirk Herald:  Thursday 8 July 1869

Acknowledgement:  Ron Cosens, England:  26 February 2017



Alloa Photographer

Thank you to the author of www.cartedevisite.co.uk for sending me a copy of a carte de visite bearing the following name beneath the photo


The subject of the photo was a lady in a large '1860s-style' dress.

Was J McPherson of Alloa the same photographer as James McPherson of Edinburgh?


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